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North County Shitty Name Song

Page history last edited by Thumb and Thumber (T&T) 1 year, 5 months ago

North County Shitty Name Song

by ???

(Sung to House of the Raising Sun)


There is a hash in North County

We're old and like to run

But we been the ruin of many a naming

Cause we can't come up with a pun. 


Now, where have you gone Lady Goo Goo?

She filled you yoga pants to the seams. 

No more she comes to North County

No more, her sample sex creams.


And what ever happened to Caribbean Queaf

or No Cream for Fatty?

I've heard they've run so far away

All the way to Cincinnati.  


But who could forget our first shitty name

After six runs he wanted to gag,

That is because the pack had spoken

and named him Fag in a Bag. 


Now, I've got one foot on the platform

and one foot on the train

I'm going back to that North County Hash

To give "Just __________,"

a shitty name.

To give "Just __________," 

a shitty name.


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