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The Ball at Inverness

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The Ball at Inverness


(Sung to the tune of "The Ball at Inverness")


Four and twenty virgins,

Came down from Inverness,

And when the ball was over,

There were four and twenty less.



Singing balls to your partner,

Ass against the wall,

If you can't get screwed on Saturday night,

You can't get screwed at all!


There was screwing in the garden.

There was screwing in the grass.

And all you could see,

Were waves of undulating ass.


Psycho he was there,

His prick was long and high,

But when he had done her but once,

His equipment had run dry!


Mistress Twat she was there,

She had the crowd in fits,

Jumping off the table,

And landing on her tits!


There was screwing in the hallways,

There was screwing in the ricks,

You couldn't hear the music,

For the swishing of the pricks.


Irish Cream she was there,

Dressed in a long white shroud,

Swinging on the chandalier,

And pissing on the crowd!


Mine's a Mini was there,

His wasn't very great,

Too small for women,

He had to masturbate!


Blows On the Go he was there,

Having lots of fun,

The jarhead had his finger,

Up a lady's bun!


Mr. Roarke he was there,

And in the corner he sat,

Amusing himself by abusing himself,

And catching it in his hat!


A visiting Harriette was there,

Back against the wall,

Saying "Put your money on the table boys,

I'm ready to do you all!"


Messy Bessy was in the kitchen,

Explaining to the groom,

The vagina, not the rectum,

Is the entrance to the womb!


Big Banana was said to be there,

Sitting on a stool,

He pulled his foreskin over his head,

And whistled through his tool!


Kitty-Kitty was there,

A mighty man was he,

He lined them up against the wall,

And screwed them three by three!


And when the ball was over,

The virgins all confessed,

Although they liked the music,

T'was the screwing that was the best!





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